New Jersey Fights Growing Mosquito Problem

The population of mosquitoes in New Jersey is increasing at a rapid rate this year because of the wet and cool weather conditions. Mosquitoes are dangerous pests that can cause a wide range of health problems, including the West Nile virus disease. To ensure that the residents in the state are protected from the risks of mosquito-transmitted diseases, the New Jersey Office of Mosquito Control Coordination is making extra efforts to combat the growing mosquito problem.

Mosquito fighters are sent to various parts of New Jersey, including wetlands, swamps, and river plains, to destroy mosquito larvae and exterminate adult mosquitoes. Hundreds of acres of land in Essex and Morris counties have been sprayed with mosquito pesticides from the air as well as on the ground. However, such measures are not sufficient to prevent the occurrences of mosquito-transmitted diseases.

The superintendent of the Division of Mosquito Control in Essex County, Louis Lynch, said that residents have to join efforts with the state to fight the mosquito problem. Residents can help out by getting rid of any standing water in their yards and cleaning their gutters regularly.