NJ, NYC Queen Bees Painted for a Good Reason

NJ and NYC residents and people living all over the place will be interested to learn that keeping managed bee hives in a town is a good strategy for controlling the assertive Africanized bees. A qualified bee keeper knows when his hives have been taken over by the aggressive Africanized bees.

The bee keepers in NJ, NYC and elsewhere actually mark the queen bees with paint so they will realize when the queen bee has been tossed out of the colony. When the Africanized bees take over the hive, the colony of bees typically becomes mean. The bee keeper typically removes the new queen from the colony and replaces her with a new, nice queen which is usually wrapped in a candy enclosure. The bees eat the enclosure in order to greet her. The procedure usually entices the other bees to give the new, nice queen their loyalty. So, stay away from Africanized honey bees.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bees ask a NJ, NYC pest control expert to take care of the critters.