Bees Behaving Badly

NJ and NYC residents and everyone else can learn a lesson about bees from a recent incident in Yuma, Arizona. Be careful when working on trees. Six citrus grove workers were attacked by a gang of bees after one of them smacked a bee hive situated in a citrus tree. One of the workers went into shock from the bee stings. The other workers were stung by the bees numerous times and hid in ambulances in order to get away from the angry bees.

If you are being attacked by NYC bees and don’t have an ambulance¬†nearby to hide in run away from the angry bees. Don’t stand around and swat at them. Yelling or politely asking NJ, NYC bees to leave you alone won’t work either. Don’t try to become a bee whisperer just run away.

If you are dealing with NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn bees ask a NJ, NYC pest control professional to take care of them for you.