How to Find Carpenter Ant Nests

Carpenter ants build their nests in wood, and they are difficult to locate because they do not leave tell tale signs of their presence in a home or building. Although they are not as destructive as termites, they can cause considerable damage if they are allowed to infest wood structures for an extended period of time.

Carpenter ants usually set up their colonies in damp wooden pieces that have previously been damaged by other types of insects. Some of the places in a home where carpenter ant nests are commonly found include door frames, windows, sinks, chimneys, and bath traps. With the right level of moisture, temperature, and protection from environmental changes and predators, the colonies of carpenter ants will thrive.

One way to find carpenter nests in a home is to tap the surfaces of wooden structures. Listen for a hollow sound as this will indicate that the wood is damaged. By tapping on the wood, you will also cause the carpenter ants to panic, and they may flee their nests and emerge from the wood.

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