Skunks in Vacant House Worry Old Bridge Residents

A family of skunks has caused concern among residents in the Laurence Harbor area of Old Bridge, New Jersey after they moved into an abandoned house. Other than emitting a foul smell, the skunks also pose a threat to the safety of pets and residents in the neighborhood.

Ashley Mulcahy, who is living next door to the skunk-infested house, said that she has seen a large number of skunks going in and out of the house, and her nine-year-old American Eskimo dog was sprayed and bitten by one of them. Neighbors are worried that the skunks may spread rabies, and efforts have been made to contact the owner of the house, but she has not responded to the calls.

Director of Middlesex County Public Health Department, David A. Papi, advised residents to avoid contact with skunks or other wild animals and report immediately to their local health departments if they are bitten by wild animals.

If you need professional help to get rid of skunks, you can call pest control experts in NY, NYC, and NJ.

NJ, NYC Queen Bees Painted for a Good Reason

NJ and NYC residents and people living all over the place will be interested to learn that keeping managed bee hives in a town is a good strategy for controlling the assertive Africanized bees. A qualified bee keeper knows when his hives have been taken over by the aggressive Africanized bees.

The bee keepers in NJ, NYC and elsewhere actually mark the queen bees with paint so they will realize when the queen bee has been tossed out of the colony. When the Africanized bees take over the hive, the colony of bees typically becomes mean. The bee keeper typically removes the new queen from the colony and replaces her with a new, nice queen which is usually wrapped in a candy enclosure. The bees eat the enclosure in order to greet her. The procedure usually entices the other bees to give the new, nice queen their loyalty. So, stay away from Africanized honey bees.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bees ask a NJ, NYC pest control expert to take care of the critters.

New Jersey Fights Growing Mosquito Problem

The population of mosquitoes in New Jersey is increasing at a rapid rate this year because of the wet and cool weather conditions. Mosquitoes are dangerous pests that can cause a wide range of health problems, including the West Nile virus disease. To ensure that the residents in the state are protected from the risks of mosquito-transmitted diseases, the New Jersey Office of Mosquito Control Coordination is making extra efforts to combat the growing mosquito problem.

Mosquito fighters are sent to various parts of New Jersey, including wetlands, swamps, and river plains, to destroy mosquito larvae and exterminate adult mosquitoes. Hundreds of acres of land in Essex and Morris counties have been sprayed with mosquito pesticides from the air as well as on the ground. However, such measures are not sufficient to prevent the occurrences of mosquito-transmitted diseases.

The superintendent of the Division of Mosquito Control in Essex County, Louis Lynch, said that residents have to join efforts with the state to fight the mosquito problem. Residents can help out by getting rid of any standing water in their yards and cleaning their gutters regularly.

Man Killed by a Mass of Bees

Bees attacked and killed a man in Tivoli Texas. A person being killed by bee stings is a rare occurrence. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention records approximately 100 case each year. It typically takes about 1,200 stings to threaten the life of an adult, however people who are hypersensitive can die by only one or two stings.

Bees attack while protecting their hive. When bees are in search of food or swarming they typically don’t sting people. The man was attacked while mowing a lawn. Bees are able to feel vibrations from lawn mowers and believe a lawn mower is a threat to them according to Roy Parker, an entomologist. When a bee does sting a person it puts out pheromones that stimulates other bees to attack. Experts suggest that running away is the best strategy for people being attacked by bees.

If you are dealing with NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bees ask a NJ, NYC pest control expert to take care of them.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

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  • If bed bugs infest your office, take week off from business homework. Don't bring home briefcases or file boxes that may harbor bed bugs. #
  • Continue to monitor and take precautions after office treated for bed bugs. Multiple pesticide treatments may be needed to kill all. #
  • Protect your home. Packtite portable bed bug killing heat chamber can kill bed bugs in purse, briefcase.×524 #
  • Great tips on treating bed bug bites and you won't believe the photo poor guy #
  • Cortizone cream and benedryl by mouth will help stop the itch of bed bug bites. If they are really bad get a cortizone shot from your doctor #
  • Sometimes bed bug bites will appear in a line take a look at some of these photos. #
  • Bed bug bites may last from one to several weeks. Some people people will even get scars from bed bug bites. #
  • Colleges just starting up and bed bugs already infesting dorms. 12 reports of bb at Penn State since fall term started. #
  • NYC Subway Rats Getting Bolder: Despite measures by the MTA to reduce the rat population in NYC subways, commute.. #
  • "Students are carriers." Bed bugs get into dorm rooms by hitching ride on students' clothing, in backpacks, in suitcases, boxes, etc. #
  • Are bed bugs biting you? Bed bugs feed on human blood while you sleep. Watch for itchy red mosquito-like bites. Often several in a row. #
  • Excellent photos of bed bug bites at and Beware, not everyone has a reaction to bed bug bites. #
  • If you wake up with itchy bites, check sheets, mattress for crawling bugs, dark, rusty spots or smears and bed bug exoskeletons from molts. #
  • Just added Climbup Insect Interceptor to our store you can buy it for $6 single or $60 12 pack #
  • We're more than the bed bug expert. We're bee experts too. Need a hive removed? We can help #
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  • Agree with Richmond student that university needs faster, more aggressive response to bed bug reports in student housing to prevent spread. #
  • Indiscriminate spraying can spread bed bugs. Bugs simply move to new area in apartment or building. If you have bed bugs, call in the pros. #
  • Richmond student wrong about dingy, unkempt buildings attracting bed bugs. Filth does not attract bb. Bugs enter on people, possessions. #
  • Want facts on bed bugs? University of Kentucky Entomology one of leaders in bb research. Informative fact sheet at #
  • New research being done by college research departments on bed bugs and new lures. Chemicals are being created to mimic the smell of humans. #
  • Semiochemical lures for bed bugs are lures that are plant and animal attractants like pheronomes. They fool a bed bug into coming over #
  • Bed bug trivia – all bed bugs go through 5 stages several nymph stages to adults. Nymphs are nearly clear in color #
  • Bed bugs suck your blood for about 10 minutes when they feed. They may make multiple bites, but suck off of you for 10 minutes – gross! #
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  • Bed bugs know no bounds. Blood-sucking vampire bugs have infested United Nations 'swing space' on 46th St. in NYC. #
  • John Furman of Boot-a-Pest, praise NightWatch for ability to detect bedbugs, unlike bedbug-sniffing dogs #
  • Bed bugs invaded UN on moving trucks used to move office equipment and papers from Secretariat building to new office space on 46th St. #
  • The NIH has agreed to permit a testimonial on the NightWatch performance. Being used in childrens cancer facility #
  • How did bed bugs get into moving van? Previous load had to be infested with bed bugs. Tiny bb easily fall off furniture, stuff. Hide in van. #
  • NightWatch is being looked at in the implementation of a bed bug monitoring program by the Boston Housing Authority. #
  • Bed bugs hide in tiny cracks, crevices. Can live without blood meal for 6 months to a year. Spread by hiding in new moving van loads. #
  • Bed Bug Trivia: bed bugs poop while feeding or right after so a sign of bed bugs is red pooh marks on jammies and sheets. Yuck! #
  • Politicians may make poor bedfellows, but bed bugs are a thousand times worse! UN bb could have world pols itching to make peace, go home. #
  • Bed Bug Trivia: Bed bugs only need to eat every 7 to 10 days. They can be dormant and not feed for up to one year. #
  • Who needs Swine Flu? Bed bugs are already a worldwide pandemic. In last decade reports of bed bug infestations in US have increased 500%. #
  • Once you have been treated for bed bugs monitor for two full weeks to make sure they are all killed use Climbup #
  • United Kingdom also overrun by bed bugs. Three-fold increase in past 10 years, according to British government stats. #
  • Between feeding bed bugs like to chill together. They clump in nests exuding a chemical to attract each other – loving togetherness! #
  • Bed bugs used to be worldwide scourge. Eradicated in Western countries by DDT after WWII. DDT ban, international travel fueled comeback. #
  • Bed Bug Monitoring Device Praised by Experts: The latest in bed bug technology the NightWatch bed bug monitoring.. #
  • Female bed bugs lay three eggs a day and 200 in their lifetime multiply that by 200 to 500 bed bug femailes and you have a REAL problem. #
  • Bed bugs never eradicated, still rampant in developing countries. Increased immigration, ease of air travel have helped bed bugs spread. #
  • Bed bugs love to hide in cracks of your headboard, in the cracks at your base board, in your box spring. They are close enough for a snack. #
  • NYC's horrific bed bug problems spread in part by purchase of infected cheap used mattresses in immigrant communities. #
  • Male bed bugs actually gouge a hole in the females body on mating to place sperm called traumatic insemination or hypodermic insemination. #