NYC Condominium Bed Bugs: Who is Responsible?

The New York Times recently published an article about who has the responsibility to take care of a bed bug infestation; the renter of a condominium apartment or the owner. A Manhattan real estate lawyer stated the condominium owner has the primary responsibility. However it gets more complex. The lawyer went on to state that the responsibilities of the owner of the unit and the board are determined by the condo’s bylaws. He wasn’t done with his explanation. Yes there is more, he went on to state that if the building contains three or more residential units then the registered managing agent could also have some responsibility for the bed bug infestation.

Sounds like a complicated court case could occur all because someone got bitten by bed bugs. I wonder if bed bug infestations are this complicated in Bulgaria. What are the legal ramifications if it turns out the bites were from spiders?

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Watch Out For Wildlife

Stern-Raccoon 2As suburbia continues to spread outwards, more and more residents are encountering raccoons and other dangerous wildlife in their every day life.  Raccoons, along with opossums, rats, mice and other rodents are responsible for transmitting dangerous diseases to humans.  Eight residents in Long Beach, California with ages ranging from 1 to 59 years old have recently been diagnosed with typhus.  Typhus is not transmitted from human to human contact; rather it is spread by fleas that have hosted on various animals like the ones mentioned above.  Luckily for these folks in California, although typhus is unpleasant to contract, it rarely causes death and can be treated with antibiotics.

When dealing with wildlife, rabies should always be a top concern.  Rabies is most commonly found in raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes and coyotes, but any warm blooded animal can pass rabies onto people.

You should always try to avoid direct contact with wildlife; but if they do happen to enter you home or business, you should not try to remove them yourself.  Contacting a nuisance pest control removal specialist is the key to a humane and safe removal of wildlife instead.  Stern Environmental Group offers expert wildlife removal services to most of New Jersey, all of NYC, parts of CT and most of Long Island, NY.

NJ, NYC Landlords Should not Hide Bed Bug Infestations

Some people have suggested that some landlords in NYC, NJ don’t notify their tenants when a bed bugs infestation occurs in their apartment buildings. They claim the information is not passed on to the other NJ, NYC tenants because the landlords are afraid the tenants will shout “Oh the horror! The horror!.” They believe that after the shouting is done the tenants will be horrified by the news of the bed bug infestation and leave the NJ, NYC apartment complex. The landlords are probably also afraid the news will get out and nobody will want to move in when they have a vacancy.

The landlords would be better off notifying the tenants because if the whole building or at least the units nearby the infested unit are not treated for NJ, NYC bed bugs those critters will spread all over the building and the extermination will cost a lot more.

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Raccoons Can Attack

Stern-RaccoonBesides carrying potential diseases, raccoons can be territorial and mothers can even become aggressive if they feel the need to protect their young.  Just this past weekend an elderly lady in Florida was watching five raccoons in her backyard.  Once the masked group moved to the front porch of her home, the woman decided that it was time to shoo them away.  The pack of raccoons turned on the poor woman and attacked her!  She was knocked down and repeatedly bitten and scratched by the pack of raccoons and is now hospitalized.  Now the authorities are looking for the pack so that they can determine if they have rabies.

If you have raccoons or other nuisance wildlife that have moved into your property, it is not a good idea to try to remove them yourself.  You never know when they might become aggressive and attack you.  You never know what sort of diseases that they may be harboring.  You should always call a licensed pest control specialist instead who is trained in the removal of dangerous nuisance wildlifeStern Environmental Group offers expert wildlife removal services to most of New Jersey, all of NYC, parts of CT and most of Long Island, NY.

Female Bed Bugs Research and Pheromones

Hey NJ, NYC residents and people living all over the world, did you know that research indicates that female bed bugs probably don’t produce contact aggregation pheromones. President Obama never mentions it. He also never mentions that female bed bugs only react to airborne aggregation pheromones before mating.

Why is this important? Well, this behavior allows a female NJ, NYC bed bug to wander away from bed bug aggregations without enticing other bed bugs to follow her on her new adventure. Therefore, a female bed bug and her babies increases the bed bugs population range while other odious NJ, NYC bed bugs keep utilizing resources available at original bed bug infestation sites.

Here is another observation by bed bug researchers: as the bed bug population density rises, the percentage of adult female bed bugs hanging out with other females increases. It’s not easy being a bed bug researcher.

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