NJ, NYC Homes May Contain a Bee Hive

NJ and NYC residents that are hearing bees buzzing about but don’t see a bee hive in a nearby tree might want to look for holes in their house. If you see bees buzzing in out out of a hole in the outer wall of your house you might have thousands of them hanging out in a hive in your home.

Don’t agitate them because a gang of angry NJ, NYC bees will attack you if they feel threatened. It’s best to ask a pest control professional to take care of NJ, NYC bees.

Queen bees are highly protective of their throne. The dominating queen bee will kill any other queen bee that want to rule the hive. You may also be interested to know that some experts claim bees will travel from three to six miles away from their hive for pollinating purposes. Perhaps they’re really just goofing off.

If you have NJ, NYC, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan or Brooklyn bees that are causing trouble let a NJ, NYC pest control company take care of them for you.