Skunks In Manhattan, Oh My

If you have been out and about enjoying the delightful fall climate in Manhattan or the surrounding areas, you might notice something this year that was not readily seen in previous years.  If you haven’t noticed yet, you should be warned though, that you might want to bring along a good set of nose plugs and your running shoes on your next jaunt out on the town.

Skunks have been showing up more than ever before and raising quite a stink for joggers, bikers, park goers, and homeowners alike.  For reasons unknown, the skunk population is on the rise.  With no natural predators, like the coyotes in the Bronx to munch on these creatures, they are left to their own reproductive devices and their numbers are flourishing.

The good news is that Animal Care and Control of New York City will pick up skunks.  The bad news is that they will only pick them up if they are acting strange because they might have Rabies.  Personally, I think anything that squirts a green acid as a defense mechanism which will stay on your skin for over a week is an animal that acts strange, but that’s just my opinion. 

Don’t risk having to live with nauseous stench by trying to remove skunks on your own.  Always call a pest control specialist instead!