Hey Africanized Bees, Stay Away From Italian Bee Hives

Africanized honey bees aka killer bees are more aggressive than the European subspecies. These mean bees enjoy taking over a hive and placing their queen bee in charge of the hive. They don’t put the established queen bee in prison or place her in exile in Bolivia. No they kill her. Oh my.

The inhabitants of an Africanized bee hive are much more likely to attack humans when they feel threatened when compared to the more docile standard European bees commonly found in NJ and NYC. They also attack with a large gang of bees. By the way, the most common of the European versions of bees living in the United States is the Italian bee. Professional bee keepers try their best to get rid of the mean strains of bees such as the Africanized versions and breed the nicer bees.

If you are dealing with bees in NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or in Manhattan ask a NJ, NYC bees pest control expert to take care of them for you.