Keep The Squirrels Out Of The Attic

stern squirrel 1Most people are used to watching squirrels running to and fro around the yard with their bushy tails and sweet little squirrel chatter.  Unless you have experienced a squirrel home invasion yourself, it’s hard to imagine how much damage such a little bundle of fluff can actually do to your home.  People who are unfortunate enough to experience the pitter patter of little feet in their attic can attest that having squirrels inside your home is no cake walk.

Squirrels, like many other rodents, are in constant need of things to chew on.  Their incisor teeth grow throughout their entire life and chewing not only trims them back, but also keeps them sharp so they can munch on life’s pleasures.  The bad part about have squirrels living in your home is that they are indiscriminate about what they chew on.  Electrical wires and plumbing are often prime chewing choices for squirrels.  As a result of the chewing, fires and water damage has occurred in many homes and businesses.

As winter is approaching, squirrels are not only gathering their share of nuts.  They are also looking for cozy new spots to nest for the cold months ahead, and attics are the perfect alternative.  If you want to keep squirrels out, it is important to make sure that your home is in good repair.  Damaged soffits, vents, eaves, and even weak roofs can provide easy entry points for squirrels.

If you have squirrels living in your attic in New York or New Jersey, never try to evict them yourself.  Call a professional pest control specialist today.