Those Annoying NJ, NYC Bees

NJ and NYC bees will often build¬†beehives under the eaves of houses. Residents sometimes knock them down but the persistent NJ, NYC bees keep coming back and building more beehives. Also, knocking down beehives can make the bees angry and may provoke them to attack. No you can’t entice them to build a beehive at your annoying neighbors house.

Some residents complain of numerous NJ, NYC beehives being developed at their house. Screaming “Oh the horror! The horror! Won’t do any good. Bees can make it difficult to enjoy the outside area of your home. Most honey bees won’t attack unless they feel threatened or they think the hive is threatened. Africanized beehives can be a big problem. These mean bees are much more aggressive then the basic European bees.

If you have beehives In NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn let a NJ, NYC bees pest control expert take care of them for you.