College Dorms and Those Obnoxious Bed Bugs

Boston University has recently reported bed bug infestations in college dormitories. The students in some of the bed bugs infested units had to move out of their residences for more than three weeks while bed bug treatments were performed.

Bed bug infestations in college campuses is increasing. Used furniture including mattresses are sometimes the cause of a bed bug infestation. Cheap or free used furniture may lead to a horrible bed bug infestation. However, the odious insects also simply cling to clothes and move on to other dorm rooms or apartment units or find ways to travel through the walls.

The Swine Flu seems to be the big concern on college campuses, however college officials and college students can’t stop practicing bed bug prevention techniques and inspections. College students should not use bug spray since it doesn’t kill bed bugs but stimulates them to spread all over the dorm room.

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