Keep A Watch Out For Beehives In New Jersey

carpenter-bee-1Africanized bees can cause serious problems for homeowners as one family in Florida has recently just found out.

Their day began as usual with a walk with their family beagle-basset hound mix dog named Lucy.  After arriving home, they placed their dog on a seven foot chain that was attached to their front porch.  Not long after, the homeowner heard a large branch crash onto the roof above his office.  The homeowner then looked out the front window to see his beloved pet being attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees.

The homeowner had no idea that a beehive was hidden up in the tree where the branch came crashing down from.  Although the dog did nothing to provoke the attack, for whatever reason, the bees clearly regarded the poor dog as a threat.  The dog received so many bee stings that sadly it died from anaphylaxis shock.

As bad it is to lose a beloved family pet is this way, the same scenario could also play out for a child or adult.  Africanized bees can be very aggressive and cause serious and dangerous consequences to homeowners.  It is wise to contact a licensed pest control specialist who is trained in the treatment of these aggressive pests.