The Amazing Bug Dome

Stern-Bug DomeStern Environmental Group is leading the charge once again in the fight against bed bugs!  They are the first firm in the United States to offer a new and innovative product called the Bug Dome.  This personal bed bug monitor will definitely allow you to sleep tight and not let those disgusting bed bugs bite!

This new product comes all the way from Sweden and is sure to dazzle the folks here in America.  The Bug Dome monitor has a small heating element and a sticky trap that will attract blood sucking bed bugs away from their human targets and onto deaths door instead.

The Bug Dome can be used in your home or easily placed in your luggage for ease of use while you travel.  For the low price of only $99.99, with free shipping; you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will not spend your nights having your blood supply depleted by gross little bugs.  With the typical cost of other bed bug monitors running from $650 to $1000; you can see why the Bug Dome is such a sweet deal for consumers.

Call Stern Environmental Group today to pick up your Bug Dome personal bed bug monitor today!