Female Bed Bugs Research and Pheromones

Hey NJ, NYC residents and people living all over the world, did you know that research indicates that female bed bugs probably don’t produce contact aggregation pheromones. President Obama never mentions it. He also never mentions that female bed bugs only react to airborne aggregation pheromones before mating.

Why is this important? Well, this behavior allows a female NJ, NYC bed bug to wander away from bed bug aggregations without enticing other bed bugs to follow her on her new adventure. Therefore, a female bed bug and her babies increases the bed bugs population range while other odious NJ, NYC bed bugs keep utilizing resources available at original bed bug infestation sites.

Here is another observation by bed bug researchers: as the bed bug population density rises, the percentage of adult female bed bugs hanging out with other females increases. It’s not easy being a bed bug researcher.

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