Raccoons Can Attack

Stern-RaccoonBesides carrying potential diseases, raccoons can be territorial and mothers can even become aggressive if they feel the need to protect their young.  Just this past weekend an elderly lady in Florida was watching five raccoons in her backyard.  Once the masked group moved to the front porch of her home, the woman decided that it was time to shoo them away.  The pack of raccoons turned on the poor woman and attacked her!  She was knocked down and repeatedly bitten and scratched by the pack of raccoons and is now hospitalized.  Now the authorities are looking for the pack so that they can determine if they have rabies.

If you have raccoons or other nuisance wildlife that have moved into your property, it is not a good idea to try to remove them yourself.  You never know when they might become aggressive and attack you.  You never know what sort of diseases that they may be harboring.  You should always call a licensed pest control specialist instead who is trained in the removal of dangerous nuisance wildlifeStern Environmental Group offers expert wildlife removal services to most of New Jersey, all of NYC, parts of CT and most of Long Island, NY.