NJ, NYC Landlords Should not Hide Bed Bug Infestations

Some people have suggested that some landlords in NYC, NJ don’t notify their tenants when a bed bugs infestation occurs in their apartment buildings. They claim the information is not passed on to the other NJ, NYC tenants because the landlords are afraid the tenants will shout “Oh the horror! The horror!.” They believe that after the shouting is done the tenants will be horrified by the news of the bed bug infestation and leave the NJ, NYC apartment complex. The landlords are probably also afraid the news will get out and nobody will want to move in when they have a vacancy.

The landlords would be better off notifying the tenants because if the whole building or at least the units nearby the infested unit are not treated for NJ, NYC bed bugs those critters will spread all over the building and the extermination will cost a lot more.

If you have bed bugs in NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn, let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional destroy the terrible insects for you.