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  • Affordable, Small Bed Bug Monitors Have Arrived!: Affordable personal bed bug monitors are available! Stern Envi.. #
  • Obviously gamer who came up with 'Bed Bugs' never dealt with real thing. Igloo games offers new iPhone app for $1.99. #
  • In Bed Bug game app, you try to squash vicious bed bugs before they wake up a sleepwalker. Could be good therapy for bed bug victims. #
  • Bed Bugs app game getting good reviews. What's not to like about 28 different ways to kill the creepy crawlies! #
  • RT @Rentokil: RT Uni of Kentucky entomology dept offers pictures of bed bugs: Prof Potter spoke at our seminars too #
  • Anyone remember 1985 Milton Bradley game Bed Bugs? Now only available on resale sites. You used tongs to pluck bugs off jiggling bed. #
  • Sharing your bed with bed bugs for real is no game and certainly no fun. If bed bugs are bugging you, call Stern today: #
  • FL apartment residents file lawsuit because they are bitten by bed bugs every night. Landlord won’t allow them to move. #
  • Bug Dome is perfect for homeowners & travelers alike. You can monitor & trap bed bugs with this new innovative product. #
  • New Bed Bugs game available on iTunes. Much more fun to play with fake bed bugs than real bed bugs! Good with iPhone and IPod touch. Cool! #
  • Never pick up a mattress off the street and bring it home. There could be a good reason it is thrown out and that reason could be BED BUGS! #
  • Bed bugs prefer human blood, but if you are not around they will feed on your pets or birds, rodents, and bats too. Poor Fluffy and Fido! #
  • Keep A Watch Out For Beehives In New Jersey: Africanized bees can cause serious problems for homeowners as one .. #
  • You can't kill bed bugs with Raid or other household pesticides. You'll actually just spread the problems as bugs move to an unsprayed area. #
  • Growing number of bed bug infestations proving resistant to most commonly used professional pyrethroid pesticide #
  • Most pesticide resistant bed bugs found in NYC/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Cincinnati/Louisville, Detroit/SE Michigan, Tampa/St. Pete. #
  • RT @EdenPest: RT @bedbugexpert: New Bed Bugs game available on iTunes. Much more fun to play with fake bed bugs than real bed bugs! #
  • RT @rahuljrark: Twitter's five billionth tweet – the 'pentagigatweet' – sent – #
  • Extreme cold and extreme heat best at killing pest-resistant bed bugs but only Cryonite kills adults, nymphs, eggs too. #
  • Not all pest control firms know how to kill bed bugs effectively without spreading. Stern is recognized NY/NYC/NJ expert #
  • Carpenter ants cause huge damage to a home or business. People don’t expect for a fire to break out because of them! #
  • Bee stings can be dangerous to both humans & pets. A dog was recently killed by what is likely Africanized Killer Bees. #
  • Bed bugs are sneaky but they don’t fly. If they wake you up while they are feeding you can smash them & boy would that make you feel GOOD! #
  • Did you know that there are insects everywhere on the planet? Even the frozen extremes of Antarctica & the Artic have insects alive & well! #
  • Insects eat more plants than all the creatures on the earth combined. Without them the world would be covered in dead plant/animal matter. #
  • Using Bug Sprays for Bed Bugs can be Dangerous: People living all over the world have to be careful when using .. #
  • Mice look for toasty winter lodgings in garages. Watch for scattered bird seed, black rice-sized fecal pellets, shredded paper, torn plastic #
  • Mice and rats thrive in NY,NYC and NJ. Feast on dumpster garbage. NYC employs Rat Pack to root out rodent infestations, educate citizens. #
  • Flexible bodies allow mice, rats to squeeze into homes thru small holes, cracks. Contaminate food with urine, feces. Fleas carry disease. #
  • Multiple entry points can make it hard to get rid of mice and rats in your home. All entries must be sealed tight to keep rodents out. #
  • Revolutionary Track & Trap uses UV dust to track rodents to entry/exit points so all can be sealed, nests eliminated. #
  • Did you know that bed bugs typically bite between 3:00 to 5:00 AM with most munching activity typically before dawn. #
  • EPA worried that frust. people will use dangerous chemicals on their bed bug infested mattresses. Might make you sick! #
  • Vote for your biggest problem pest! So far bed bugs, roaches, termites. What's yours? #
  • Weird fact…A person will consume on average about 10 spiders while sleeping, during their lifetime…Gross but true! Exterminator anyone? #
  • APRO General Counsel think BB need to be killed at 240 degrees for 45 minutes. Experts think 120 degrees is acceptable. #
  • A homeless shelter in CT had to buy new beds because of bed bug infestation. Thirty Five new mattress cost $6,000! Ouch! #
  • Going away for the weekend? Leave your luggage in the garage until you can wash and dry the clothing to make sure you don’t bring BB inside. #
  • The Amazing Bug Dome: Stern Environmental Group is leading the charge once again in the fight against bed bugs!.. #
  • Bed bug eggs are encased in a sticky substance that allows them to adhere to walls, furniture, clothing, carpets, linens. Helps pests spread #
  • Female bed bugs lay eggs in secluded areas, 1 or 2 at a time and hundreds during their lifetime. Can 'dribble' eggs across sheets, clothes. #
  • RT @NuclearCook: My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me. #
  • Size of a dust speck, bed bug eggs hard to see without magnification. Pea-size clusters of 100s of eggs are pearly white, nearly translucent #
  • Hidden deep inside cracks or holes in used bed frames, bed bug eggs go undetected until they hatch and your new bed starts eating you alive! #
  • Cryonite kills bed bug adults AND EGGS. New bb monitoring & deterrent products can keep new hatched bb from biting you!×524 #
  • We are looking for bed bug victims to send us bite photos. Contact us today. #
  • Fire erupts when resident is spraying for bed bugs and then lights a cigarette. Really…bed bug treatment should be handled by professionals! #
  • Retrofitted moving truck turned bed bug oven that bakes bed bugs & their eggs until they are dead. Tenants can go home. #
  • In today's world of bed bugs you have to quaranteen customer returns to keep them from infesting new products or your stock. #
  • The Praying Manthis is the only insect on earth that can turn their head an entire 360 degrees. Another reason why they are so darn cool! #
  • Even though a mosquito has 47 teeth, they don’t use them to bite you. Instead watch out for the tubular appendage called a proboscis. Ouch! #
  • Personal BB monitor giving folks a good nights rest. They attract them & have sticky trap so they will never bite you. #
  • NJ, NYC Bed Bug Detection Dogs in High Demand for a Good Reason: There is a big demand for talented bed bug det.. #
  • How bed bugs spread in Cleveland apartment building: One resident got bed bugs, threw out mattress. Different resident took it home. #
  • Bed bugs or eggs hide in mattresses, box springs, furniture. Spread when furniture picked off curb. BB also found in rental furniture. #
  • Got bed bugs in your apartment? Cryonite is the answer it freezes them dead. Find out more information on this treatment #
  • Sometimes bed bugs spread when moving van transports bug-infested load. BB then harbor in new loads, spreading across city or country. #
  • If you get bed bugs, call expert pest control immediately. BB population grows quickly, can spread thru home and beyond. #
  • The real experts weigh in on bed bugs in this incredibly interesting article in the New York Times a must read! #
  • Specialized treatment, multiple applications necessary to eliminate bed bugs. Don't waste your money. Stern=NY/NJ expert #
  • Traveler receives over 80 bites at hotel in Malaysia. Bed bugs could be anywhere. Always a good idea to inspect hotels! #
  • MediaVest in NYC closed on Fri & Sat because of bed bugs! Employees on the 7th and 13th floor need to work from home. #
  • MediaVest employees told that BB infestation is “not an emergency-just a smart precaution”. Yeah right, but nobody wants to take them home! #
  • MediaVest employees given short notice about the BB infestation & they could not take laptops home. Good news, they could have BB inside. #
  • The Bulldog Ant is the most dangerous ant in the entire world. Thank goodness you can’t find it in the US! They kill humans in Australia! #

NJ, NYC Bed Bug Detection Dogs in High Demand for a Good Reason

There is a big demand for talented bed bug detection dogs in NJ, NYC and all over the country. Bed bugs aka Cimex lectularius have a very difficult time hiding from properly trained NJ, NYC bed bug sniffing dogs. Bed bugs think they’re geniuses by hiding in computers, cell phones, behind light switches,  in furniture etc but the odious insects can’t hide from dogs which have amazing smelling capabilities. The NJ, NYC bed bug detection dogs are able to smell the pheromones, which have a faint chemical order, that the bed bugs emit to send out a signal to other bed bugs. Perhaps they should switch to text messaging.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are becoming very popular due to their outstanding success rate. A representative of the Florida Canine Academy in Florida stated his trained dogs are in high demand.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bed bugs let a properly trained NJ, NYC bed bug detection dog check out your residence or business location.

The Amazing Bug Dome

Stern-Bug DomeStern Environmental Group is leading the charge once again in the fight against bed bugs!  They are the first firm in the United States to offer a new and innovative product called the Bug Dome.  This personal bed bug monitor will definitely allow you to sleep tight and not let those disgusting bed bugs bite!

This new product comes all the way from Sweden and is sure to dazzle the folks here in America.  The Bug Dome monitor has a small heating element and a sticky trap that will attract blood sucking bed bugs away from their human targets and onto deaths door instead.

The Bug Dome can be used in your home or easily placed in your luggage for ease of use while you travel.  For the low price of only $99.99, with free shipping; you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will not spend your nights having your blood supply depleted by gross little bugs.  With the typical cost of other bed bug monitors running from $650 to $1000; you can see why the Bug Dome is such a sweet deal for consumers.

Call Stern Environmental Group today to pick up your Bug Dome personal bed bug monitor today!

Using Bug Sprays for Bed Bugs can be Dangerous

People living all over the world have to be careful when using bug sprays. Recently people living in Colerain Township, Ohio were trying to kill bed bugs with bug spray that had alcohol as one of its substances. Someone lit a cigarette which caused a flash and set the room on fire. The damage was estimated at $20,000. Fortunately, nobody was killed and only one minor injury was reported. Bug sprays can be dangerous if flames are in the residence.

Bed bugs are not as tough as rhinoceroses but they cannot be killed by bug sprays. When bed bugs are attacked by bug sprays they typically scatter all over the house which makes getting rid of them more difficult and more expensive. It’s best to hire a professional pest control exterminator.

If your have a bed bugs infestation in NJ, NYC, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to eliminate the odious insects.

Keep A Watch Out For Beehives In New Jersey

carpenter-bee-1Africanized bees can cause serious problems for homeowners as one family in Florida has recently just found out.

Their day began as usual with a walk with their family beagle-basset hound mix dog named Lucy.  After arriving home, they placed their dog on a seven foot chain that was attached to their front porch.  Not long after, the homeowner heard a large branch crash onto the roof above his office.  The homeowner then looked out the front window to see his beloved pet being attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees.

The homeowner had no idea that a beehive was hidden up in the tree where the branch came crashing down from.  Although the dog did nothing to provoke the attack, for whatever reason, the bees clearly regarded the poor dog as a threat.  The dog received so many bee stings that sadly it died from anaphylaxis shock.

As bad it is to lose a beloved family pet is this way, the same scenario could also play out for a child or adult.  Africanized bees can be very aggressive and cause serious and dangerous consequences to homeowners.  It is wise to contact a licensed pest control specialist who is trained in the treatment of these aggressive pests.