Used Furniture: Beware of Odious Bed Bugs

Typically when people get skin rashes they think they have been attacked by fleas and sometimes their analysis is correct, however in NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and all over the nation the skin irritations are sometimes actually caused by bed bugs.

A family in Tennessee had a 3 year old child covered with bites they thought were from fleas. A pest control expert determined they were actually from bed bugs and the odious insects probably arrived via the couch they had rented in a rent-to-own furniture deal. However, it’s always difficult to know for sure how the bed bugs arrived at a residence. Perhaps they arrived in a man’s ascot. A store spokesman said the couches were used but were treated in the store in accordance with store procedures. In general used furniture should be avoided. If your going to purchase used furniture find out specifically how they check for bed bugs.

If you think you have NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn bed bugs let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert get rid of the horrible insects.

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