Male Bed Bugs: Thank You Alarm Pheromones

Is it common knowledge in NJ, NYC and throughout the world that alarm pheromones are used for sexual recognition among the bed bug population? Perhaps not. This is important to NYC male bed bugs since they grab and try to mate with any NYC bed bug that recently had a blood meal. However, it’s unclear if bed bugs begin or end the mating dance with tickles and pinches.

The males get confused and are not sure which bed bugs are male and which are female. Male bed bugs release the alarm pheromone when they are grabbed by an amorous male bed bug. That signals the male bed bug to let go and grab another partner.

Some people claim the pheromone smells like an almond but in an unpleasant way. Entomologist Joshua Benoit of Ohio State University claims all of this information is important due to the comeback of the bed bugs.

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