Bed Bug Bites – The Itch That Keeps On Itching

bed bug bitesMost experts agree that bed bugs bites are not dangerous to humans.  There are however many scientists around the country who are investigating bed bugs to make sure that they are not transmitting dangerous pathogens onto humans. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of having bed bug bites will tell you that they are annoying and very uncomfortable to deal with.

Because the itching associated with bed bug bites are allergic reactions, the subsequent welts and burning left behind can vary just as much as people do.  Some people can be bitten by bed bugs and never know it and never suffer any reaction from the bites.  Some people can be bitten by bed bugs and suffer terribly with horrible itching that could drive you nearly insane.

Bed bug bites can look like dark red spots, pink spots, or even white colored spots that look like blisters.  They can be in clusters, in singles, or lines up and down your body.  Bed bugs are indiscriminate feeders so any area of exposed skin is a good feeding spot for them.  The girl in the photo received these bed bug bites on her back after sleeping in an apartment only one night!

If bed bugs have come to dinner at your NYC or New Jersey home, call a pest control specialist who knows how to get rid of bed bugs before they start raising a huge family in your nice home.