Bed Bugs Laugh at Bug Sprays

Bed bug articles keep popping up on the web which mention people living in apartments are attacking bed bug infestations with bug sprays. Well, bug sprays and bug bombs don’t work on the odious bed bugs. Bug sprays bought at stores simply scare the bed bugs which causes them to relocate to other places in the apartment. Now the bed bug infestation is more difficult to eradicate and cost more money when the professional pest control expert is asked to get rid of the horrible insects. Also, sometimes bug sprays explode due to a flame and can cause a fire.

People have been tossing out their beds, sofas, clothes and chairs due to NJ, NYC bed bug infestations. It’s best to call a NJ, NYC bed bug professional and allow him to make recommendations on tossing out items.

If you think you might have a NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or a Brooklyn bed bugs infestation let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert destroy the insects for you.