Holiday Travel Season is also Wonderful for Bed Bugs

The holiday traveling season can be filled with happiness. However holiday travel can also be filled with bed bugs particularly with people going to large cities such as NYC. For those staying in NYC hotels the first thing they should do is investigate the bed. Travelers should take the sheets off the bed sheets and look for rust stain or black looking marks. These stains are typically blood and fecal matter left by the rude NYC bed bugs. They should also look at the tuft of seam that is located on the edges of mattresses. Unfortunately NYC bed bugs also hide in curtains, in cracks of walls and wall paper, inside dressers and furniture and other places.

Travelers might want to purchase the portable Packtite. It’s an effective device for destroying unwanted bed bugs. Travelers typically don’t want bed bugs going home with them and creating a bed bugs infestation.

If you have NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn bed bugs, ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control company to destroy the odious insects.