Bed Bug Lawsuits on the Rise

Bed bug infestations are increasing all over the nation which is increasing the number of bed bug lawsuits. There is a bed bug lawsuit against a motel in Staten Island. There is a possibility the plaintiff unknowingly brought the bed bugs to the motel. Oh my.

Besides hotels and motels bed bugs lawsuits have been brought against furniture rental centers. A woman who had an allergic reaction to bed bug bites and ended up in the hospital is suing a furniture rental center for $500,000. How does she know for sure that the bed bugs came with the furniture? Even if she found them in the furniture perhaps they climbed out of a crack in her walls and climbed on the furniture.

NJ, NYC hotels, motels, furniture rental companies and other businesses may want to use the services of a NJ, NYC bed bug detection dog in order to decrease the chance of a bed bug lawsuit.

If you have a bed bug infestation in NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan ask a NJ, NYC pest control expert to destroy the awful insects.