Rats In New York City

Garbage bag with rat chew marks.
Garbage bag with rat chew marks.

Some pest experts predict that this winter will be “rodent season” in New York City.  Since rats won’t stand still long enough to get a good head count and because they are basically everywhere; it’s hard to tell how many are actually residing in New York City. 

Their populations are estimated to be from between one and twelve rats for every single person living in the City.  Now that’s a lot of rats

A study just released last week shows that NYC still tops the list as the number one hang out for the beastly creatures that burrow beneath, and roam the streets of New York at night.  Lucky for Atlanta, they have now jumped into the number two spot.

Rats usually begin their never ending hunt for food at dusk and feed for about an hour and a half.  They then typically rest up for another early morning gorge session to fill their ugly bellies at about 4 am.  They are clever gatherers and if they find food that is too large to be eaten quickly, they will drag it off to a safe hiding place for consumption.  When food is scarce, they will travel a good distance, but in New York City, this is usually not a problem.  Rats to do not need to resort to the measly morsels dropped by passerby’s on the street; they can easily feast on the overwhelming amount of discarded trash left uncovered in the City.

Check out the picture of a recent trip that Douglas Stern took into New York City at night with rat Czar Bobby Corrigan of the City’s Health Department to see what the rats have been up to.  This is just one of the many bags of trash that a rat had decided to tear into and make a good dinner of.  Quite disturbing when you consider all of the diseases that can easily be spread by these creatures!

All this week our bloggers will be telling about Douglas’ travels in this special night “rat safari” so make sure to come back Tuesday for more on his interesting trip to some of the most high profile alleys in New York City that are infested with rats.

If you have a rat infestation problem in New York or New Jersey, it’s time to call out a pest control expert!