A Rat Safari Part II Of II

Rat infested alley in New York City.
Rat infested alley in New York City.

Continuing on with our rat safari story…

To begin their rat expedition, the men met at 6:30 p.m. at the fountain at City Hall Park, across from City Hall in Lower Manhattan.  Their first stop to observe the rats was Theatre Alley, which is directly behind J&R Music World. Ushering Douglas to his favorite rat viewing spot at the Starbucks window seat across the street; they sipped a Latte and enjoyed the view as they watched the rats scurry to and fro in Theatre Alley.  The men then walked through the alley watching the rats tear through black trash bags and climb in and out of trash bins while noshing on their nightly feast of discarded garbage.  The two gentlemen then traveled to Collect Pond Park & Columbus Park to view the destructive nature of the rats on the vegetation.  There you could see big rats with long white whiskers that were big enough to put saddles on.  Oblivious to the presence of seasoned rat killers in their midst, the rats continued on their nightly quest of food foraging and destruction.

After his New York City rat safari, Douglas Stern said “Going on this safari with Bobby really brought the book alive to me.  I was able to walk the very alley’s that Robert Sullivan, Bobby Corrigan and countless others had spent so much time studying the rats in.”

I think both men will agree that they were grateful that no rats chose to run across their feet while they were on their rat safari!  In all actuality, the rats should be grateful because they would not likely have survived such an attempt!