The Rat Wrap-Up

Dead rat we found while on our rat safari.
Dead rat we found while on our rat safari.

Rats  are not only considered a nuisance because they are messy and leave disgusting droppings everywhere they go. They feast of the waste that we humans leave behind.  They multiply at lightning fast speed and a small infestation can turn into a major head-ache before you know it.

Rats also harbor diseases that are dangerous to humans.  People have been known to become extremely ill and even die just by cleaning up rat droppings, urine or encountering rat saliva.  The rat droppings disintegrate into dust very quickly and are easily breathed in or ingested by humans, which will then cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).  Because of this, it is always wise to hire a pest control expert who is trained in the removal of rats and their droppings.

Stern Environmental Group provides expert rat services to the commercial and hospitality industry.  Our services include: Pro-Active Rat, Mouse, and Rodent Prevention Treatment, Rodent Extermination Treatment, Baits, Traps, and Poison Treatments in Safety Containers, and Quick Rodent Eradication Services.  We can also treat for cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, and other insect pests. 

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