Access-A-Ride Workers Bite Back!

bed bugsAccess-A-Ride workers are steaming mad, and they have every right to be!  They have been enduring an unimaginable nightmare since the summer of 2008, and it is only now that officials at the New York City Transit offices are paying any mind to the trouble.  The workers been greeted each day by blood sucking bed bugs and have still been required to provide services for Access-A-Ride customers.

Last week dozens of employees took their grievances to the streets and rallied outside the office building in Long Island City.  Their demands are quite simple really…they want the building fumigated so that they don’t have to spend the day having their blood sucked!  Quite frankly, it’s bad enough when you have bed bugs at home and they sneak into your bed at night to suck your blood.  I can only imagine the horror of being awake and on the phone with a customer as you watch a bed bug travel across your desk ready to feast on a big ole’ chuck of skin.  YUCK!

One employee complains that she took bed bugs home with her to her apartment in the Bronx.  She was lucky; her landlord paid the fumigation bill.  He did not pay to have the bedroom and living room furniture that had to be discarded replaced though.  Access-A-Ride would not pay either, even though they know that the bed bugs came from their place of business.

Nobody should have to work under these circumstances.  It’s shameful!

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