The Negative Aspect of no Skin Reaction to Bed Bug Bites

New York City had 8,830 bed bug complaints in 2008 which was almost five times as many as 2005. Experts claim that all but eight complaints were made by one person. Nah, actually experts believe a larger number of New York City residents experienced bed bug attacks but failed to make an official complaint.

Bed bugs infestations are also a serious problem in New Jersey and cities and states all over the nation. Some New York residents and visitors don’t realize that bedbugs have sucked blood out of them while they were sleeping because a large number of people don’t show a skin reaction to the bites. Without people complaining about the odious bed bugs they have plenty of time to crawl through cracks in the walls and invade other apartments or hotels rooms. New Jersey and New York City residents and visitors might be better off if bed bugs were as big as adult sea turtles.

If you think you might have bed bugs in New Jersey or New York City hire a bed bug detection dog to help you.