New York City Bed Bugs: Needs the Nation’s Assistance

Bed bugs are a serious problem in New Jersey, New York City and all over the nation. Some experts suggest that a stronger effort to get rid of the odious bed bugs needs to happen all over the nation. Laws and regulations need to be updated and a plan which offers a coordinated response would be very beneficial.

Let’s say something outrageously amazing happens and all the New York City bed bugs have simply vanished. All the bed bug detection dogs concur even the Beagles. Euphoria would occur in New York City. However, if a small town in Montana, that shall go unnamed, does not have a smart bed bug plan or strong bed bug laws and regulations then a family from this Montana town could visit New York City and accidentally bring some bed bugs with them. Soon the bed bugs problem happens all over again in New York City.

If you live in New Jersey or New York City and you think you have bed bugs let a New Jersey, New York City bed bugs pest control professional get rid of the insects.

The Rat Wrap-Up

Dead rat we found while on our rat safari.
Dead rat we found while on our rat safari.

Rats  are not only considered a nuisance because they are messy and leave disgusting droppings everywhere they go. They feast of the waste that we humans leave behind.  They multiply at lightning fast speed and a small infestation can turn into a major head-ache before you know it.

Rats also harbor diseases that are dangerous to humans.  People have been known to become extremely ill and even die just by cleaning up rat droppings, urine or encountering rat saliva.  The rat droppings disintegrate into dust very quickly and are easily breathed in or ingested by humans, which will then cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).  Because of this, it is always wise to hire a pest control expert who is trained in the removal of rats and their droppings.

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A Rat Safari Part II Of II

Rat infested alley in New York City.
Rat infested alley in New York City.

Continuing on with our rat safari story…

To begin their rat expedition, the men met at 6:30 p.m. at the fountain at City Hall Park, across from City Hall in Lower Manhattan.  Their first stop to observe the rats was Theatre Alley, which is directly behind J&R Music World. Ushering Douglas to his favorite rat viewing spot at the Starbucks window seat across the street; they sipped a Latte and enjoyed the view as they watched the rats scurry to and fro in Theatre Alley.  The men then walked through the alley watching the rats tear through black trash bags and climb in and out of trash bins while noshing on their nightly feast of discarded garbage.  The two gentlemen then traveled to Collect Pond Park & Columbus Park to view the destructive nature of the rats on the vegetation.  There you could see big rats with long white whiskers that were big enough to put saddles on.  Oblivious to the presence of seasoned rat killers in their midst, the rats continued on their nightly quest of food foraging and destruction.

After his New York City rat safari, Douglas Stern said “Going on this safari with Bobby really brought the book alive to me.  I was able to walk the very alley’s that Robert Sullivan, Bobby Corrigan and countless others had spent so much time studying the rats in.”

I think both men will agree that they were grateful that no rats chose to run across their feet while they were on their rat safari!  In all actuality, the rats should be grateful because they would not likely have survived such an attempt!

A Rat Safari Part I of II

Bobby Corrigan looking in a sewer for rats.
Bobby Corrigan looking in a sewer for rats.

Some people take a safari to Africa for fun.  If you are in the pest control business, you might consider another type of safari to be just as fun.  A few years ago Douglas Stern read a fascinating book called “Rats” Observations on the History & Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants by Robert Sullivan.   In the book, the author visited Theatre and Eden Alley in New York City to study the infamous rats that continue to plague the City.

Douglas Stern was joined by New York City rat expert Bobby Corrigan on their own rat expedition on November 11, 2009.

Bobby Corrigan is a virtual superstar when it comes to rat knowledge and behavior.   When New York City Mayor Bloomberg had the unpleasant experience of having a wayward rat run across his foot several years ago, Booby Corrigan was called in to the rescue.  Mayor Bloomberg’s rat encounter brought the plight that New Yorkers face daily in regards to rat’s major attention.  Bobby now works at the New York City Heath Department where he inspects every building in Lower Manhattan.  In his inspections, he marks down where any openings might be in building foundations or gaps in the doors of all of the buildings where rats could use as an entry point.  Information is then put into a database that can be searched upon as needed.

Please check back on Thursday for the conclusion to our rat safari story.

New York City Rats Don’t Care About Trash Rules

Rat feasting in garbage dumpster.
Rat feasting in garbage dumpster.

New York City has very specific rules and regulations when it comes to the disposal of trash.  Besides being unsightly, trash is one of the ways that the rats in New York City have been able to successfully live and breed with such great ease.  If you take a look down any street or alleyway during the night, you will find rats helping themselves to trash at businesses and residences where the strict rules of the City are not being followed.

Douglas Stern and Bobby Corrigan recently took a trip into NYC to observe the rats in their comfort zones.  Take a look at the picture in this post.  In it you will see a NYC rat enjoying his nightly adventures among a pile of black trash bags that are ready for the sanitation departments pick up.  Without effort, this rat will tear through these bags and enjoy a feast that I am sure he will tell all of his rat friends about.

All NYC trash must be placed into leak-proof receptacles with tightly fitting lids.  This rule applies to all dumpsters as well.  Heavy duty black or brown trash bags are allowed to be used however, which clearly is no match for the powerful teeth of a rat. Despite the rules, regulations and fines that are enforced in NYC, many residents and business owners do not adhere to the guidelines and the rat population continues to rise.

Rats are not only a nuisance, they can carry dangerous diseases.  If you are experiencing a rat infestation in New York or New Jersey, contact a pest control specialist who knows how to get rid of the creatures.

Make sure to come back tomorrow as we chronicle Douglas Stern’s rat safari with New York City rat Czar Bobby Corrigan.