Opossums Like Your Garage Too

Have you ever walked out into your garage and found an unexpected obstacle course of debris that has been knocked down off of shelves?  No, it’s not likely a burglar rummaging through your boxed up Christmas ornaments, tools and sports equipment.  There is a good chance that you have another type of destructive visitor in your midst.

Opossums are nocturnal and as such they typically sleep all day long and forage for food all night long.  It is not uncommon for them to seek shelter in a garage or attic if given the chance.  With the weather abruptly changing to cold who can blame them really?  They have no trouble climbing to the top of your garage shelves and knocking down anything that is of interest to them or in the way of their waddling back end.  When not sleeping, they are always on the hunt for food.

It’s a good idea to keep your garage free of food products as they do invite all types of pests like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rats and mice.  If you suspect that you have opossums in your garage, you could try to leave the door open in the evening and close it before bedtime.  Hopefully your visitor will leave on it’s own since it is a night time forager. Opossums are very resourceful though, so make sure that all areas of your garage are free of entry points.

Confronting a wild animal on your own is never a good idea.  They can become aggressive very easily and can carry dangerous diseases.  It is always a good idea to call a professional pest control expert instead who is trained in the humane removal of any wildlife.

Used Furniture: Beware of Odious Bed Bugs

Typically when people get skin rashes they think they have been attacked by fleas and sometimes their analysis is correct, however in NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and all over the nation the skin irritations are sometimes actually caused by bed bugs.

A family in Tennessee had a 3 year old child covered with bites they thought were from fleas. A pest control expert determined they were actually from bed bugs and the odious insects probably arrived via the couch they had rented in a rent-to-own furniture deal. However, it’s always difficult to know for sure how the bed bugs arrived at a residence. Perhaps they arrived in a man’s ascot. A store spokesman said the couches were used but were treated in the store in accordance with store procedures. In general used furniture should be avoided. If your going to purchase used furniture find out specifically how they check for bed bugs.

If you think you have NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn bed bugs let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert get rid of the horrible insects.

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  • Movie goers at Sheepshead Bay theater in Brooklyn may be getting more for their money than just a movie – bed bugs! http://bit.ly/3RaPUY #
  • Bed bugs transported on clothing, purses, coats. If someone living with bed bugs takes in a show, you can get bed bugs if you sit nearby. #
  • Theater management addressing bed bug problem. Hope they hire bed bug expert or Halloween slasher won't be only creepy thing at movies! #
  • Great new photos of Climbup Insect Interceptor in use on a bed and furniture http://bit.ly/PrKiN selling this item now! #
  • One Sheepshead movie goer said "we'll take our chances." Guy obviously never had bed bugs. Blood-sucking pests more horrible than Dracula. #
  • Theater got all clear from health dept. Check out Fox News report at http://bit.ly/1WaQGn. Watch those bed bugs scurry! Quick little devils! #
  • Review new bed bug killing products many are just now in the next several weeks or months coming to the marketplace. http://bit.ly/18×524 #
  • Anonymous report received by NYC Heath Dept that there are bed bugs enjoying blood meals at popular NY movie theater. http://bit.ly/1WaQGn #
  • 8 California residents treated for Typhus. Typhus spread by fleas on opossums, raccoons, cats, rats & mice. Not spread by people to people. #
  • Squirrel blows out power in substation in Central Maine & causes 4,489 customers to be without power. Fried squirrel! http://bit.ly/3vjg8D #
  • Florida woman attacked by a “gang of raccoons" when she tried to shoo them away from her front porch. Scratched & bitten from head to toe! #
  • Baby roaches can fit into spaces as thin as a dime. Adult roaches into spaces as thin as a quarter. No wonder they are so hard to catch! #
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  • Bed bugs dogs could help Sheepshead Cineplex find bed bugs fast. Homeowners, businesses using dogs to sniff out bb. http://bit.ly/4xLE1A #
  • Dogs faster than visual inspection when trying to find bed bugs in dorms, apartments, hotels, movie theaters or typically cluttered home. #
  • Dogs trained to scent bed bugs. Infestations smell like coriander. Dogs find bugs even in box of toys, stuffed animals, crowded closets. #
  • Did you know that bed bug females dribble out eggs where ever they are so you can have eggs every where if you are infested. No nest! #
  • Food treats used to train dogs to alert handler when bed bugs found. Proper professional training essential for reliable results. #
  • We're hearing about bed bug problems in NY, NJ, OH, MN, NV. What states would you add to this list? #
  • Dogs used to recheck homes, motels, businesses after professional treatment to make sure all bed bugs eliminated. Provides peace of mind. #
  • Bad bed bug advice found online…"Bed bugs found in old furniture"…Nope…they will hide in any furniture and wait for their next blood meal! #
  • Bad bed bug advice found online…"Steam clean the furniture to get rid of BB"…Nope…You need to hire an expert to get rid of these buggers! #
  • Bad bed bug advice found online…"Use a suitable spray from the supermarket on BB"…Nope…never works to kill bed bugs, only spreads them #
  • Bad bed bug advice found online…"Use a 'throw' on the couch to keep BB away"…Nope…that will not keep bed bugs away. You need treatment! #
  • Bad bed bug advice found online…"If severe, bring in a professional"…Nope…you always need a professional, bed bugs are always severe! #
  • NJ, NYC Landlords Should not Hide Bed Bug Infestations: Some people have suggested that some landlords in NYC, .. http://bit.ly/rry06 #
  • Norway rat common in NY & NJ can produce offspring at 3 months of age. Has 8-10 pups per litter. They produce at 3 months. Rat explosion! #
  • Fall is time of year when rats, mice seek toasty nest inside your house. Sneak inside through holes, cracks, under doors, up pipes, roofs. #
  • Scamper of little feet overhead or inside wall not Halloween poltergeist. Call professional pest control to exorcise rodents from your home. #
  • In today's world of bed bugs you have to quaranteen customer returns to keep them from infesting new products or your stock. #
  • If you notice black rice size or smaller pellets on counters, in cabinets, under sinks are rat feces. Call exterminator http://bit.ly/3dArwo #
  • Had field mouse in our kitchen yesterday. Wife not happy. Climbed up water pipe under dishwasher. Fortunately our attack cat was on the job! #
  • Top article when bed bugs check in guests check out – what hotels should know and do to prevent a lawsuit http://bit.ly/10CcnU #
  • Tenant in BB infested apartment had allergic reaction to bites. Court ordered mgmt to move her to motel for 4 weeks while treating property. #
  • We are looking for bed bug victims to send us bite photos. Contact us today at info@sternenvironmental.com #
  • 3 treatments of MA bed bug infested apartment did not work. Carpets removed, apartment vacuumed, couch steam cleaned. Still has bed bugs! #
  • Visit our bed bug fan page: http://bit.ly/wALpp You don't have to love bed bugs to join, but rather hate them! #
  • Tenant went back to court. Lawyer argued that landlord “went above and beyond in trying to rid the apartment of the bed bugs”. BB not gone! #
  • Judge ordered tenant & baby to move back into the BB infested property saying the landlord had “done enough treatment”! http://bit.ly/3PVC5a #
  • BB detection dogs should be hired to sniff out those horrible BB instead. How about treating the other apartments too? http://bit.ly/4xLE1A #
  • Watch Out For Wildlife: As suburbia continues to spread outwards, more and more residents are encountering racc.. http://bit.ly/2DLkni #
  • Myth says girl Arachne challenged goddess Athena in weaving contest. Goddess turned girl into spider, dooming her to life of web weaving. #
  • Most spiders in NY/NJ are harmless, beneficial. Exceptions: mildly venomous Sac spiders, occasional Northern Black Widow or Brown Recluse. #
  • Cold winters in NY/NJ kill most spiders. See indoors most often in fall when spiders come inside to lay eggs & in spring when eggs hatch. #
  • I am in Las Vegas this week, but don't ask me why – it is a secret! #
  • Spiders more cool than creepy. Web spinners spend most of their time eating flies and insects. A few bad apples give spiders their bad rep. #
  • Black widow spider is a predatory old gal worthy of Halloween fright. She gets her name from dubious habit of eating male after mating. #
  • Housing facility in Canada built a 400 sq ft “hot room” for residents to bring their belongings to bake bed bugs away! http://bit.ly/3u7dOO #
  • Resident in Canada housing facility has brought his couch to the new “hot room” 2 times just to make sure he does not have bed bugs. Cool! #
  • Just getting ready to complete and article for a trade journal on how bed bug monitors can change the fight on bed bugs. #
  • CT Agricultural Experiment Station’s “Bed Bug Forum” reports that many pesticides sold to kill BB not effective to get rid of infestations. #
  • BB at three homeless shelters in Atlanta. Not the 1st outbreak for the shelters. Reg inspect & treatments happening. http://bit.ly/1KfLOY #
  • Atlanta shelter resident asked to leave. He believes it was because he complained that he and his son were being eaten alive by bed bugs. #
  • NYC Condominium Bed Bugs: Who is Responsible?: The New York Times recently published an article about who has t.. http://bit.ly/1wc60h #
  • Spooky fun: Thailand's Zombie ant lives in rainforest. Fungus spores invade, consume internal organs, explode ant to spread fungus spores. #
  • Great new photos of Climbup Insect Interceptor in use on a bed and furniture http://bit.ly/PrKiN selling this item now! #
  • Spooky fun: African wasp turns cockroaches into zombies by stinging brain. Wasp grabs antenna, walks roach to nest. Larvae eat it alive! #
  • Spooky fun: Hair worm eats grasshoppers from inside out. Mind control makes hoppers jump in water & drown. Worms emerge & mate under water. #
  • Looking for bed bug bite photos here are some great well icky ones to check out and share for Halloween http://bit.ly/11ZvCf #
  • Spooky fun: Nematode turns ant abdomen red like berry. Forces ant to stick belly in air so birds will eat it. Spreads eggs in bird droppings #
  • Parasitic fungus, mind control wasps may seem creepy, but necessary part of nature. Insects adapt, use each other to survive. Cycle of life. #
  • Manhattan Co-op is beating the battle against BB! They moved EVERY belonging out of the building to outside fumigation chamber to kill BB! #
  • Just like vampires bed bugs suck your blood for food, but they are not good looking or fun companions like a vampire would be this Halloween #
  • Using outside fumigation chamber services is expensive. Bed bug sniffing dogs helped find bed bugs. Killing BB is good! http://bit.ly/nuhWg #
  • Save the scary things for Halloween not your bed! Get rid of bed bugs with Stern's Cryonite treatment http://bit.ly/BDe7L #
  • BB infestation shuts down homeless shelter in DE. Good news is that community bands together to make other repairs to get it opened up. #
  • Bed bugs typically like to eat from 3-5 am. You can’t fool them though. Change your schedule & they will change their feeding schedule too! #
  • BB first drank rat blood, then bat blood, now human blood. I guess we humans just taste the best! They are Dracula in disguise ya know! Yuck #