Could I Have Some Cockroaches With My In-Flight Meal Please? Part II Of II

cryonite-factoryContinuing from Tuesday…

The LSG SkyChefs facility in Denver reportedly prepares about 35,000 airline passenger meals per day for many different airlines.  The Denver kitchen facility has now been downgraded from “approved” to “provisional”.  This means that they are still open for business, but they only have one chance to clean up their act upon re-inspection.  If they don’t, the Denver facility will be shut down. Re-inspection is scheduled for the beginning of January so holiday travelers are not quite out of the woods yet.  For everyone’s sake, hopefully the disgusting bugs and germs will be gone soon.

Too bad the workers couldn’t see the cockroaches and take care of them BEFORE the Food and Drug Administration’s visit. Nobody wants roaches in their food people!  Just hire a pest control specialist to get the job done!  It should also be noted that airlines are now making passengers pay for their food instead of receiving it for free.  You would think with the extra dough they are collecting, a pest control specialist would be standard procedure…I’m just saying!  The FDA allows the public to view the LSG SkyChefs report, or any other report online, at any time.

Bed Bug Populations Grow Amazingly Fast

Residents in New Jersey and New York City that have a bed bug infestation would be wise to get the infestation professionally taken care of as soon as possible. They won’t leave if you shout at them.

It takes bed bugs only two weeks to grow up. Each female is able to lay about 500 bed bug eggs. The babies then grow up and all the females can lay 500 eggs and the cycle repeats and soon it becomes a major bed bug infestation. Major bed bug infestations are difficult to eliminate and the bed bug pest control treatments become expensive.

One bed bug exterminator treated a house for a homeowner that didn’t get pest control treatments for eight months. The pest control expert had to drill holes in the walls and bed bugs were living in the light fixtures and all over the house. New Jersey and New York City bed bugs make lousy pets; the wise choice is to get rid of them as soon as they are spotted.

Could I Have Some Cockroaches With My In-Flight Meal Please? Part I Of II

stern cockroachWith many schools still out of session and all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season still in full swing; thinking about what you might be eating on an airplane is not likely a high priority during this time of year.  Holiday travelers will not be happy to hear that the food they might encounter could have come in contact with something more than plastic covered hands.

The Food and Drug Administration’s findings at the Denver kitchen of the LSG SkyChefs facility are deplorable to say the least.  Live and dead cockroaches, ants and flies have been found in the kitchen cart wash area, repack area, silverware station, hot kitchen, pots and pans ware washing room, dish machine wash area, and inside the machine loading area.  Some of these areas notated had the exact amount of cockroaches that were found listed on the report.  Some had the lovely abbreviation of “TNTC” instead.  This stands for Too Numerous to Count!  Those wonderful FDA inspectors also found evidence of contamination in the hot kitchen area of Listeria Monocytogenes; which can really make you sick with fever, muscle aches, nausea or diarrhea.  Yeah!

Please check back on Thursday for the conclusion.

Expensive and Cheap Hotels: Bed Bugs don’t have a Preference

Bed bugs don’t care if they live in fancy New Jersey or New York City hotels or lower priced hotels. The fact that people are continually moving in and out of hotel rooms increases the chances that somebody unknowingly brought some of the odious insects with them.

Paying big bucks to stay at a hotel room won’t guarantee you won’t be attacked by the blood sucking New Jersey or New York City bed bugs. Also, there is no guarantee that an expensive hotel won’t try and hide a bed bug infestation or try to save money by not paying for bed bug pest control services for all the rooms recommended for treatment by a bed bug expert.

Although experts suggest you take off the sheets at a hotel room and look for tiny blood spots and bed bug fecal matter they also state that a proper inspection may require taking apart the bed and looking inside the mattress which is impractical and probably impossible for hotel guest to perform. A bed bug monitor is a valuable asset.

Bed Bug Ethics

Citizens of New York City and New Jersey and all over the nation may have questions about bed bug ethics. For example, a person stays at a friends house. The friend claims they spent days fixing up the guest bedroom and it’s now the best room in the house. While sleeping in the fabulous room the guest ends up getting attacked by a gang of bed bugs that were hiding in the mattress.

Should the guest stay quite about the attack in order to not harm the host’s feelings? Should the guest throw a fit? Perhaps tell the host it’s no big deal, at least the attack wasn’t performed by angry wolverines.

Obviously the guest needs to inform the friend that the bedroom has bed bugs since other people including the friend are at risk of a bed bug attack. The guest should speak up immediately and not wait until they can go home and send an email or a text message. If the friend quickly hires a bed bug pest control expert the extermination will be significantly less expensive.