Bed Bugs Invading New York City Schools

Some New York City schools are being invaded by bed bugs. Teachers are complaining that the bed bugs are disrupting the learning process. The Department of Education has stated that the bed bug problem has gotten worse.

The DOE will not send pest control exterminators to a school until a dead bed bug is mailed to a lab. What if the little critter gets lost in the mail? What if the bed bug was faking to be dead and comes alive at the lab? A live bed bug does not meet the criteria!

It seems the best policy is to take immediate action and have a New York City bed bug pest control expert examine the building as soon as possible and provide extermination services if necessary.

At one of the  schools it has been reported that teachers and students seal up their belongings in plastic bags three times a day as a preventive measure. However, a school can get rid of all the bed bugs and then a few weeks later some kid unknowingly brings them back to school on his jacket. Oh my.

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