Bed Bugs Got My Friend! Part III Of III

Bed bug bites on her arm.
Bed bug bites on her arm.

Continuing from Thursday…

Dressed in a tank top, my friend did take the dead bugs to the hotel manager the next morning.  He seemed shocked to learn that she had found bed bugs in her room (although he chuckled at the sight of the bugs) and even more shocked to see the massive amounts of bites that she had received.  It should be noted that he refused to reverse any charges for the hotel and instead referred her to the General Manager of the establishment.  As of this writing, the General Manager has not returned her calls or emails.  The corporate office won’t do anything either as the hotel is a franchise.  She did notify the Health Department who has sent out an inspector to the property.  Bed bugs were found by the inspector and the hotel has been ordered to hire a pest control expert immediately.

The bad news is that my friend does not own a Packtite Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber, which could have killed any bed bugs and eggs that she likely has brought home with her.  As a necessity, she is taking a huge chance by bringing their luggage inside her residence.  Her home can very easily be infested as we have seen in the past.  Just one bed bug can turn into hundreds in a very short period of time.

I also informed her about a couple of items that she should pick up to help protect her from being bitten further in her own home.  The BugOff Bed Bug Mattress Encasement that is made by Protect-A-Bed is an essential tool in fighting bed bugs.  Another great product to have on hand is relatively new, but definitely worth using.  The Climbup Insect Interceptor creates a barrier between the floor and the bed and traps bed bugs climbing up or down the bed legs.

If you have been traveling and have encountered bed bugs too, don’t take any chances…call in a bed bug expert who is trained to get rid of the buggers before they get out of control.  Stern Environmental Group provides professional service to New Jersey and all boroughs of New York City.