Bed Bug Detection Dogs are Increasingly Popular with Hotels

A New York City hotel had to deal with four bed bug infestations in two months. Oh my. The hotel manager utilized the services of a bed bug detection dog to find the horrible bed bugs. Bed bug sniffing dogs are becoming very popular with hotel managers.

Highly trained bed bug detection dogs can find bed bugs that hotel staff members typically won’t discover. Hotel staff members may find major bed bug infestations but these knights in shining fur can discover just one or two bed bugs and thus the hotel owner has the opportunity to use bed bug extermination services before a major infestation occurs. Major bed bug infestations can be expensive and difficult to eliminate.

The news that bed bugs have invaded a New Jersey or New York City hotel can be very bad for business. The infestation may be mentioned in online travel reviews and on a variety of websites. Even after the bed bug infestation has been eliminated the reputation of the hotel could be damaged for a long time. Early bed bug detection is very important for the hotel industry.