Bed Bug Detection Dogs: They’re Fabulous

Most New Jersey and New York City residents probably know that Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs. I doubt if the original breeders were hoping one day Beagles would be popular insect hunters. However, numerous Beagles are trained as bed bug  detection dogs including  Ellie.

An organization in Stamford actually hired a three year old to scour their headquarters for bed bugs. Well, hiring a three year old dog probably doesn’t violate any laws, social customs or common sense.

After staff members at St. Luke’s LifeWorks discovered bed bugs in their health clinic they stopped giving out donated clothing just incase the horrible insects were hiding in donated apparel. Some people might actually prefer to walk around naked than wear bed bug infested clothing. However walking around naked might violate laws, social customs and common sense. Intentionally wearing bed bug laced clothing is just dumb.

According to her owner, Ellie the Beagle has a 98 percent bed bug detection rate. Ellie found four bed bug detection areas in the building. She did not praise herself and brag like those two legged professional athletes.