Are Motels Really Free of Bed Bugs?

In Clinton Mississippi a man filed a complaint against a motel. He stated he had bed bugs and their cohorts the obnoxious ticks in his bed. That doesn’t sound good. The housekeeper claimed she could not find any bed bugs in the room. The housekeeper was probably not a bed bug sniffing Beagle. Health inspectors confirmed there were no bed bugs in the room. However a pest control company has been asked to check into the situation.

How qualified are people that look for bed bugs in hotels that are not professional bed bug pest control exterminators? In Clinton Mississippi, New Jersey, New York City and in other parts of the nation are hotels that have received complaints about bed bugs being cleared of the matter by people who don’t have the expertise to find bed bugs? How many clearances have been given without a bed bug detection dog sniffing the accused hotel room? Perhaps travelers would prefer to be accompanied to their hotel room by a bed bug detection dog and get his approval before entering the room.