Do New Jersey Residents Know More About Bed Bugs? Part I Of II

stern bed bug 1It always amazes me when someone that I know says to me “What? Bed bugs are real!”  The funny thing is that this is usually said by one of my friends or family members who lives in California or other parts of the western United States.  Statistics show that bed bugs are a huge problem in all 50 states.  Statistics also show that bed bug reports are up by 71 percent since 2002 in all regions of the country.

I find it odd how there is still inaccurate or incomplete information being filtered to the general public.  Is it just because the subject is considered “taboo”?  Are we as American’s afraid to admit that this is a real problem that crosses all ethnic and income boundaries in the US?  I often wonder if the eastern US has better bed bug information than the western US does.

Just this past week I read an article on the internet where a “pest expert” on the west coast said that people are not likely to ever encounter an actual bed bug.  Reading that made me laugh out loud!  Tell that to the thousands of people who have been fighting the battle with these blood sucking creatures!

Please check back Tuesday for the conclusion.

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