Bed Bugs Dead or Alive is not the Best Criteria

In many cities the housing authorities will not help people that claim they have been attacked by bed bugs until they can deliver an actual bed bug. The bed bug may be delivered dead or alive. However apartment tenants often have a difficult time capturing a bed bug since they are often attacked while they are sleeping.

A person could take a couple of weeks or a few months or even a year to finally catch a bed bug and meanwhile the odious insects have infiltrated a large number of apartment units. Perhaps a bed bug pest control expert has a better chance of finding bed bugs, especially if he is accompanied by a bed bug detection dog.

Housing authorities and apartment managers should be trained in detecting bed bug bites on humans. If the skin irritations reasonably appear to be created by the blood sucking work of bed bugs then perhaps the prudent thing to do is to invite a pest control expert to examine the dwelling for bed bugs. In the long run it could save a lot of money.