Bed Bugs Inspire a Plaintiff in New Jersey

A bed bug problem in Morristown, New Jersey has spawned a lawsuit. A tenant in a senior housing complex has filed a lawsuit claiming she has been evicted from her residence due to complaining to the mayor about a bed bug infestation in her building.

The lawsuit also states that the plaintiff was defamed by the executive director of the Morristown Housing Authority who allegedly stated to the media that the plaintiff was the source of the building’s bed bug problem. The plaintiff claims that the Director of the Morristown Housing Authority was “livid” and told the plaintiff that “she had bed bugs and they came from her.” Oh my.

The plaintiff is seeking punitive damages and unspecified compensatory damages. Perhaps there will soon be a bed bug specialty taught at the nation’s best law schools. Perhaps lawyer business cards will have the caption “bed bug lawyer” followed by “if bed bugs make you itch I will make you rich.” Oh my. Bed bugs are a big problem in New Jersey and New York City which keeps the bed bug pest control experts very busy.