Bed Bug Detection Dog Sits Down While on the Job

New York City is regarded as one of the country’s leading bedbug battlegrounds. However, the horrible insects live in New Jersey and all over the nation. Hershey the bed bug detection dog primarily works in Cincinnati but has recently been asked to sniff around for the odious insects in Toledo, Ohio.

Hershey was asked to inspect an apartment complex. The janitor was skeptical of the bed bug sniffing dog until Hershey went immediately to a vile of bed bugs that his owner hid in the room as a test. Hershey has been trained to only find live bed bugs. Thus, if you want to see what a dead bed bug looks like don’t call Hershey. The dog has been trained to sit down whenever he smells a bed bug. Sometimes he fakes sitting down just to get the humans excited. Well, perhaps not.

After Hershey was done inspecting the Toledo apartment complex his owner estimated that 40 percent of the units were infested with bed bugs. The nation needs more dogs that have Hershey’s bed bug sniffing skills. The nation also needs more cheese puffs.