Bed Bug Ethics

Citizens of New York City and New Jersey and all over the nation may have questions about bed bug ethics. For example, a person stays at a friends house. The friend claims they spent days fixing up the guest bedroom and it’s now the best room in the house. While sleeping in the fabulous room the guest ends up getting attacked by a gang of bed bugs that were hiding in the mattress.

Should the guest stay quite about the attack in order to not harm the host’s feelings? Should the guest throw a fit? Perhaps tell the host it’s no big deal, at least the attack wasn’t performed by angry wolverines.

Obviously the guest needs to inform the friend that the bedroom has bed bugs since other people including the friend are at risk of a bed bug attack. The guest should speak up immediately and not wait until they can go home and send an email or a text message. If the friend quickly hires a bed bug pest control expert the extermination will be significantly less expensive.