Expensive and Cheap Hotels: Bed Bugs don’t have a Preference

Bed bugs don’t care if they live in fancy New Jersey or New York City hotels or lower priced hotels. The fact that people are continually moving in and out of hotel rooms increases the chances that somebody unknowingly brought some of the odious insects with them.

Paying big bucks to stay at a hotel room won’t guarantee you won’t be attacked by the blood sucking New Jersey or New York City bed bugs. Also, there is no guarantee that an expensive hotel won’t try and hide a bed bug infestation or try to save money by not paying for bed bug pest control services for all the rooms recommended for treatment by a bed bug expert.

Although experts suggest you take off the sheets at a hotel room and look for tiny blood spots and bed bug fecal matter they also state that a proper inspection may require taking apart the bed and looking inside the mattress which is impractical and probably impossible for hotel guest to perform. A bed bug monitor is a valuable asset.