Bed Bug Populations Grow Amazingly Fast

Residents in New Jersey and New York City that have a bed bug infestation would be wise to get the infestation professionally taken care of as soon as possible. They won’t leave if you shout at them.

It takes bed bugs only two weeks to grow up. Each female is able to lay about 500 bed bug eggs. The babies then grow up and all the females can lay 500 eggs and the cycle repeats and soon it becomes a major bed bug infestation. Major bed bug infestations are difficult to eliminate and the bed bug pest control treatments become expensive.

One bed bug exterminator treated a house for a homeowner that didn’t get pest control treatments for eight months. The pest control expert had to drill holes in the walls and bed bugs were living in the light fixtures and all over the house. New Jersey and New York City bed bugs make lousy pets; the wise choice is to get rid of them as soon as they are spotted.