Could I Have Some Cockroaches With My In-Flight Meal Please? Part II Of II

cryonite-factoryContinuing from Tuesday…

The LSG SkyChefs facility in Denver reportedly prepares about 35,000 airline passenger meals per day for many different airlines.  The Denver kitchen facility has now been downgraded from “approved” to “provisional”.  This means that they are still open for business, but they only have one chance to clean up their act upon re-inspection.  If they don’t, the Denver facility will be shut down. Re-inspection is scheduled for the beginning of January so holiday travelers are not quite out of the woods yet.  For everyone’s sake, hopefully the disgusting bugs and germs will be gone soon.

Too bad the workers couldn’t see the cockroaches and take care of them BEFORE the Food and Drug Administration’s visit. Nobody wants roaches in their food people!  Just hire a pest control specialist to get the job done!  It should also be noted that airlines are now making passengers pay for their food instead of receiving it for free.  You would think with the extra dough they are collecting, a pest control specialist would be standard procedure…I’m just saying!  The FDA allows the public to view the LSG SkyChefs report, or any other report online, at any time.