New Jersey Bed Bug Legislation

The assembly of the state of New Jersey has passed bed bug legislation. However, it has not yet been passed by the state senate. The legislation establishes procedures to eradicate and prevent bed bug infestations in certain types of residential property. No mention of igloos.

The assembly bill mentions that “tenants of multiple dwellings should be educated and vigilant about preventing the presence of bedbugs in their homes”. The legislation also mentions producing a bed bug pamphlet that owners of multiple dwellings will have to distribute to each occupied dwelling. 

The legislation includes a lot of information about the bed bug pamphlet. Perhaps this is not too exciting to New Jersey residents. However, there is some important information regarding the use of bed bug extermination treatments and other issues.

Most residents would probably prefer a law that requires a qualified bed bug  detection dog to sniff their apartment unit on a continual basis for free. That legislation may also please New York City residents. Perhaps money can be moved around in state budgets to pay for a bed bug  detection dog program.