Bed Bug Dome For Trapping And Monitoring Bed Bugs

bed-bug-domeThose pesky bed bugs are going to be fighting an uphill battle when homeowners and renters start using the new Bed Bug Dome.  This new product is made in Sweden, but available for sale for the first time in the United States here at Stern Environmental Group.

This new bed bug trap is perfect for use the bedroom or any other space where you think you might have a bed bug infestation.  The device is small enough to easily fit under beds, nightstands, or other types of furniture.  It uses a small heating element under the unit to attract the bed bugs.  The bed bugs climb up the unit, and down the inside.  Once inside, the bed bugs encounter their very own Kryptonite…aka…an amazing type of glue that will hold the buggers until they die.  Do you want to see how this amazing monitor works for yourself?  Watch this video for amazing footage of how the bed bugs are attracted to this cool trap.

Stern Environmental Group has always taken pride in the quality products we offer to our customers.  We are sure that when you try the Bed Bug Dome yourself, you too will see that this product is a must have for your home and traveling needs.