Bed Bugs have Olympic Fever

It seems that even the bed bugs have Olympic fever. Bed bug dogs are being used to sniff around Vancouver, which is hosting the upcoming winter Olympic games. Vancouver wants its visitors to go home after the games with stories of joy and souvenirs and not bed bug horror stories and actual bed bugs. Cities all over the world are very concerned about their image since a bad image can prevent tourists and their money from showing up.

Bed bug detection dogs can be more helpful than the best public relations specialist when it comes making tourists feel comfortable that they won’t be attacked by bed bugs when they show up in New Jersey, New York City or any other location.

Most people are aware that hotels in major cities, especially those that have a lot of visitors, such as New York City may have bed bug infestations. If a hotel guest has been told their room and the adjoining rooms have just been inspected by a qualified bed bug detection dog they might feel better about staying at the hotel.