Do not use Gasoline as a Bed Bug Treatment

The New York City Fire Department has reported that multiple fires have been started in Astoria due to residents putting gasoline on mattresses to destroy bed bugs. Some people that have a bed bugs infestation have put gasoline on themselves and their children. FDNY representatives have issued a stern warning regarding the possible fatal consequences that could occur by using gasoline to get rid of bed bugs.

Fires can be easily started due to gasoline on mattresses and on people. If using gasoline to fight bed bugs is happening in one neighborhood it could be happening in other neighborhoods. If people smell gasoline in an apartment unit they should notify their landlord or call city officials. Using gasoline to fight bed bugs is dangerous and ineffective and risks the lives of everyone in the building.

People that have a bed bug infestation in New York City and New Jersey and everywhere should call a bed bug pest control professional and let them destroy the awful insects. Landlords need to become knowledgeable about bed bugs and have meetings with their residents and discuss a quality bed bug plan.