Bed Bug Detection Dogs are Actually Superior to Advanced Technology

Bed bugs are also known as Cimex lectularius. In some parts of New Jersey and New York City they might be known as odious insects. Some people believe bed bugs have been on the planet since ancient times. Even with all the technological advancements, bed bug detection dogs are the best at finding bed bugs. No machine made at a prestigious university by geniuses has outperformed bed bug sniffing Beagles or other highly trained bed bug sniffing dogs.

If you don’t have a bed bug detection dog as a pet and decide to look for bed bugs in your home, baby bed bugs are translucent and become browner as they age. Adult bed bugs are reddish brown, they have no wings and and are about three-sixteenths of an inch in size. No, there are no three foot long bed bugs with fangs. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth.

New Jersey and New York City residents are increasingly asking a bed bug detection dog to take over the task of finding bed bugs in their homes. Thank you knights in shining fur.